Monday, February 7, 2011

"O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be known this day that you are God in Israel, and that I am your servant, and that I have done all these things at your word...-1 Kings 18:36

Have you ever had a period of time where God keeps revealing a certain passage from the bible to you, over and over again. Sometimes we don't quite get why and then suddenly it all becomes quite clear and God speaks to you through His word. Since A and I first read the story of Elijah in his bible curriculum, I have been seeing this passage (1 Kings 18-19) come up in conversation, studies and bible readings. I immediately was drawn to the story the first time I read partially for the humor in Elijah's taunting of the Baal worshipers and partly because I was touched by the gentle way God chose to speak to Elijah. It wasn't until yesterday in our Sunday sermon that God chose to personalize this passage for me.
Our pastor was using Elijah's story to show how depression can take over us even after a "mountain-top" high. After God put to shame the Baal worshipers through Elijah (1 Kings 18:38-40), Jezebel began to plan an attack on him. (1 Kings 19:2) Elijah had just been used to glorify God (and as you may know that is such an amazing experience) but directly afterward he was forced to flee for his life. These kinds of highs and lows are so real to our lives. I know that many times I after experience a remarkable time with the Lord I come under deep spiritual attack and often end up having to deal with some hard emotions. This situation isn't unique to Elijah or even to me. But there is more to Elijah's story, even while struggling to protect his life the Lord calls upon him (19:9). God doesn't want Elijah to sit in his sorrow, He calls Elijah to work for Him. The same message applies to us, although God may allow us to be in our own self-pity for a little while, ultimately (if we accept) He will pull us out of our pain and call us into action for Him.

One other aspect of this story really made an impression upon me was God's method of speaking to Elijah. He sent a mighty wind (in my mind, something like a tornado?), an earthquake and a fire. But God did not choose one of these glaringly obvious methods to speak to Elijah. He chose the simplest of all, a whisper (19:11-12). Amazing right!? Our God is capable of calling out to us by any means necessary but sometimes He chooses the most humble of ways!

I  really began to consider this whole story in terms of my life... I need to pull out of my thoughts of sadness and dwelling on things I cannot change and instead focus on seeking to serve My great and mighty Lord in whatever way He chooses for me right now! I need not look for Him in some miraculous event but rather in the quiet hours of life. I am waiting upon His whisper of a call for me.

The Lord may be whispering to you.

Until next time, may Christ's blessings be upon you and yours. 

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