Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning and Sewing

It's been over a month since I last get's so hectic sometimes, I completely forget about blogging!  I hope you haven't all abandoned me in my absence.

This weekend our small church had a great opportunity to have John Clayton give several lectures. This man is a former atheist who became a Christian while trying to write a book bashing the bible. Ironic? In case any of you are interested his website is He is a scientist and former high school teacher. He was incredibly interesting and really made me begin to examine some of my views and some of my actions. Anytime someone can shake you sand wake you, you'd better take advantage of the opportunity!

In unrelated new, I took on another sewing project --curtains for my pantry. We had a set of bifold doors but one was broken and I really despise those things. My *dream* solution would have been frosted doors with "PANTRY" etched in the glass but the budget just wouldn't allow. I was looking through a Country Living book and saw the ideas of using curtains in the doorway and thought it was super cute.  Here is a pic of my curtains:
I left the curtains a little long because I was in such a hurry to begin sewing that I didn't pre-shrink the fabric and know that they will likely shrink a bit in the wash.  

That's the excitement here on the homefront.

Until next time, may Christ's love and blessings be upon you and yours.