Monday, December 13, 2010

God's time is not our time.

One of my deepest longings is to have another child. I think about it a lot, dwell on it and sometimes even let it consume me. There was a time that I let it sink me into depression but God's great hand was able to pull me out and let me see that I needed to move on. For a while I did. For a while I carried on normally, I was able to push the desire away and be happy. In the past few weeks or month the desire has resurfaced again accompanied by mixed emotions including a multitude of sadness.

      Tonight as I was driving to the grocery store (on a whim, in search of fruit) the preacher on the radio was talking about God's timing. He was saying that we see time in a matter of seconds, hours, weeks, years. God sees time in a matter of eons. We need our answers or our demands met immediately but God knows what we need at any given moment and when exactly we need those things.

Do you ever have those times when you just *know* that God is speaking directly to you? That was my moment tonight. I knew what God was saying, "Just wait, be patient, in due time." I heard His answer to me tonight, His message.  What will I do with it? Will I hold on to it, accept it and put my focus elsewhere? Or will I brush Him off and continue to desire something that is not currently within reach? If I do the latter I am certainly subjecting myself to hopelessness. If I choose to embrace His message to me, continue to pray earnestly and set my sights on His will for my life, I know that I will assuredly be filled with His peace. And so I choose peace. I choose patience and longsuffering. My God is THE GREAT GOD and I know His plan for me is so much better than my own.

I encourage you to remember God's time is not our time. God does not see or live in seconds, minutes, hours, He lives in eternity.

Until next time may Christ's love and blessings be upon you and yours.


  1. I know how much you want another baby but your right God has a plan and right now its not your time. It will be soon enough just have faith.

  2. Oh sweet Jenni. You seem to handle this so well. I sometimes forget that you are dealing with the heartbreak of unexplained infertility. Hang in there. Remember that we are seeing the tapestry God is creating from the bottom-the loose threads...but He can see the whole picture!! ((hugs))

  3. Thanks ladies for your kind words! I am just now seeing them for some reason!